NYC is Always Alive: 209/365

NYC at Night

We parked the car in an indoor lot just off Broadway.  Tuvia was taking care of the details and I walked up to the street with my camera out of its bag.

Next door to the lot, was this place, hoping with people and music and conversation.  I couldn’t resist, wishing we could pause for a coffee to experience this environment, but we were expected for dinner on West End Avenue.

And by the end of the evening we were ready to get home even though when we returned for our car the place was even more active….

Oh well… maybe next time!

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2 thoughts on “NYC is Always Alive: 209/365

  1. lynnjake

    I love this shot. It really makes you want to go inside and be a part of the action. Good one!

  2. Yes, but what you don’t have hear this the audio and it was very loud, but friendly loud.
    Thanks for checking in Lynn. I got back to business on my new mac. Now I have to move more flies before I leave for Israel, but I am still cleaning first…

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