And Today: 221/365

S and B today

Shabbat with Susan and Moshe.  30 years ago we studied together in Arad and taught together in Tiberias, Israel.  And then after a brief winter return to Israel for me Susan continued her life here and I returned and remained in New York.

Susan married a computer/farmer and together had three kids. Me, I returned to my home, my teaching career, my life as I knew it before our year together.

Okay, so far this makes sense, logical sense,  until we sat together in Tel Aviv last April and then again on Saturday, and the space between, the history of our lives apart, overwhelmed me with curiosity, especially Susan as a mother of 3 grown kids. I was thrilled to meet one and there are two more for future trips.

And my novel begins on November 1st. My life in Israel will be its center.  Can’t wait to learn something about myself.

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