Today’s prize: 232/365

A Walk up the hill

We sat today on a picnic bench, enjoying the oddly warm weather today.  As usual, I can’t wait too long to see exacty what I shot and together, Tuvia and I checked out my photos at the Hudson, at Hook Mountain and this is our drop-dead favorite.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Today’s prize: 232/365

  1. Karen McComas

    Definitely a winner!

    • Tuvia’s pic! He wants me to print it and put it on the wall. That’s a first.
      How’s the writing going?

  2. Bonnie, this is so beautiful!

  3. Thanks Stacie,
    I love it when you stop by here. It was your suggestion to use this format. How’s the NaNoWRiMo going?

  4. I love it when I stop by here, too. Sorry I don’t do it more often! My NaNo writing has just started to get some momentum these last couple of days. I’m kind of into the story now and curious to see where it takes me. I see you’re doing well: more than 15,000 words already! Good work!

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