Face-to-Face: 239/365 & Tuesday Slice!

Slice of Life Tuesdays-Remembering last week’s National Writing Project’s Conference and breakfasting with the TWO WRITING TEACHERS. I’m in the middle.

It was so exciting to be face-to-face with Stacey and Ruth.  We began our day together in the Marriot’s breakfast room, thanks to Ruth.

I was off to see Billy Collins as our keynote and S and R had a day at the NCTE.

I hope this is an annual event to meet for breakfast face-to-face.

This year we were in Philly with great weather outside.  Next year Orlando!

Bravo ladies!!!! Keep your work coming…


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3 thoughts on “Face-to-Face: 239/365 & Tuesday Slice!

  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Wow! I’m honored! We’ll look forward to seeing you in Orlando next year for sure!

    BTW: When you have a moment, would you mind sending the raw images of the breakfast photos to me?


  2. That’s coming to you next Stacey,
    Get ready,

  3. Just got home from dinner (arepas… yum!) and saw them. Thanks so much for sending them along!

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