NaBloPoMo Day 6 Snowy Morning #247/365

Snow! First morning with snow left from the night before.  Nice amount to greet us as I went down the front steps for the Sunday New York TImes.  Just a taste.  Lovely.

I loved watching it fall without white knuckles yesterday morning when I was driving home from New Paltz.  Perfect timing for the first snow.

What comes next?

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2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 6 Snowy Morning #247/365

  1. Our first snow has evaporated like some lover’s kiss
    left on our lips and then gone as she walks out the door
    to tend to the thousand things that must be done,
    the shopping, the planning of the days, the children’s every need.

    I sit still, looking out the window, waiting for another flurry,
    or even a blizzard to bury me and leave me gasping for more.

  2. Wow, so glad you stopped by with that snowy, sexy, romantic poem. My blog and I are honored, my friend,

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