NaBloPoMo Day 7: Winter on the Bright Side 249/365

It was a glorious day in the snow. Snow just where it worked well with life, on the grass and trees and not on the roads and walkways.   Of course it won’t always be so tame, so decorative.  But today as we walked into my home and looked out at the Hudson to our right, I had to run into the house, grab my good camera and return for photos in the sunshine.

Here’s our favorite one!

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5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 7: Winter on the Bright Side 249/365

  1. Away on a plateau named Tug Hill,
    snow has begun to fall
    and promises inches of itself,
    enough to cover that table of the gods.

    Years ago I learned that zephyrs blow
    across the grey boil of the great lake
    creating massive pillows of down
    that would float forever east

    if not for the wall of that table, the Tug Hill,
    which demands the clouds shed
    their burden which has frozen
    and become something akin to magic.

    It leaves a fresh coat from the master’s brush,
    an impressionist rendition of this world,
    blurred, mysterious, and imprecise.
    Like the weather which we understand,

    but can never seem to predict.

  2. Hmmm, it didn’t preserve the stanza breaks. Damn. It’s a four-line stanza set up with a one-line kicker at the end. I’ll fix it on my blog.

  3. Bonnie, it’s awfully nice of you to take such gorgeous pictures and give me something to write from. Thank you.

  4. THANK YOU BRIAN!!!! The hits keep comin’. Easier to take the photo.
    What’s coming tomorrow. You need to join the poetry slam over at the iA.

  5. beautiful photo. still waiting for some of that fluffy snow here in nyc! only snow showers so far, last saturday.

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