NaBloPoMo Day 9: Snow Day! #250/365

Welcome snow!  Notice the snow is falling outside and webside! Just until January 4th. I am warm in the darkness of our livingroom but I can’t sleep through a good storm. I have to be up and watching the NBC ticker on the bottom of the TV screen announcing school delays and closings.  It’s been 5 years since the closings intimately impacted in my life but I am still up and enjoying the notcies.

I remember the welcome early morning calls from Sharon.  “Go Back to Sleep!” The only time it was not welcome was the month before a play when I needed every rehearsal and then the week before and then it was torture to figure out a way around the snow obstacle.  But snow kept my problem solving juices flowing…

Now I am up out of habit and taking stock of how it will impact on my day. I can afford to move slower this morning.  Seems like what I hear outside my window is not what I have to look forward to back at my place.


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