NaBloPoMo Day 10: 2 B’s and a J! #251/365

Last night our holiday dinner was here, at my place.  I spent the afternoon preparing.  I searched through my new Moosewood Cookbook for some cool veggies dishes and set my plan high- considering 4 new dishes and as I rocketed around Shoprite with my cart, I slowly considered combining carrots and broccoli and when I got home and read the fine print I narrowed to two new dishes along with an old favorite- broiled salmon.  Slowly and steadily I moved from one dish to the next, preparing the table, setting us extras and getting the music cranked up on my Ipod and with just 15 minutes to spare I changed my shirt but left my pj bottoms and as I my guests arrived, they were not surprised to see me in red plads.

We drank wine and beer and vodka- something for each of us, we shared our lives and something about our book updates, all ready to share thoughts about the new Barbara Kingsolver novel that I just began on my Kindle. We ate, we ate, we ate together.

My book club, together for years…  10 years of friendship. Meeting at least once a month over coffee to talk books and more…

We have a history and a future together.  Yes we enjoy evenings we invite our partners to join us but we are really about us, 3 women who love to read and love to share friendship.

2 Bonnie’s and 1 Julia (photographer!)

More, give me more…

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3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 10: 2 B’s and a J! #251/365

  1. Bonnie Chapin

    You are too much!!! Not only was the dinner and the whole evening a pleasure, but your little writeup just wonderful!
    Thankyou so much for everything! You continue to be an inspiration to me for the joy you get out of everything you do.
    I so appreciate our friendship and our wonderful bookclub!
    Love, Bonnie
    P.S. I love the photographs!!!

  2. Bonnie it’s mutual. I am so grateful for our GNO!

  3. All mutual BC,
    I’m grateful for our GNO!

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