NaBloPoMo Day 11: Remembering

I have been walking back in time, preparing a digital piece for our 10 year celebration as an National Writing Project site and with my portable external hard drives I am selecting lots of photos to consider.

This photo is an old friend.  It freezes our first celebratory event at the end of our first summer as a site. At Janine’s stone house on the road to the area landmark, the Mohonk Mountain House, we prayed for the rain to hold off as we eat together and read from our hot-off-the-press summer institute anthologies and spent our last summer day together before the drops arrived.

And in the present, as I take another look,  I wonder about this original group. Where are they now and what did they take with them from our summer community?

Today  Janine, Denise, Gina and our original leadership team of Tom and Mary and myself continue to work and grow together in the Hudson Valley Writing Project and since that first summer we have seen almost everyone.

We are planning a variety of reunion events and wouldn’t it be great to get this first group, all 9 groups and the 10th this summer together?

What would it take?


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One thought on “NaBloPoMo Day 11: Remembering

  1. Wow! I remember faces, but not all the names. Thanks for the image.

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