NaBloPoMo Day 16: Back with Teachers 12/16/09

My car still remembers the ride to Dover Middle School and given the early afternoon timing, the ride across the bridge,  up the Sawmill Parkway, across 684 and then slowing at local 22, allowed for time to remember and plan more.

Driving up the entrance, past the school’s stone dragon mascot and into the teacher’s parking lot with a choice space waiting just for me, I gathered up my bags, with my loaded computer and I was out into the fresh air walking a familiar path into the building to sign in with the secretary and then off to meet Lorraine in her classroom before the workshop session begins.

It’s like putting on a familiar pair of slippers. And as Lorraine and I walked out together, Gaby, a student from our project last year, glanced over and with a big smile- Hi, are you back?

I offered her a grin, but no just visiting today.

And she was off to her bus and I was moving into the computer lab with a new group of teachers, who would be just meeting me for the next 2 hours over computer screens and a new online tool that could be used with their students if they saw a way to engage with it.

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One thought on “NaBloPoMo Day 16: Back with Teachers 12/16/09

  1. Love the line about the familiar pair of slippers. So true.

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