NaBloPoMo Day 22 & Slice of Life Tuesdays

Barnes and Noble for Shoppers AND READERS

Downstairs the checkout line was almost to the door but up here, people read and studied and now that Barnes and Noble has joined Panera with free WiFi finally,  the atmosphere offers both commercial and asthetic opportunities.

In the cafe we find seats and always contribute in our way, to keeping B and N healthy- a cup of coffee, a dessert.  I used to find books to buy but with my Kindle I can find titles and download samples instantly.

I am happy to see that the B and N Nook is off to a great start.  Healthy competition works well for all of us.

Sadly, B and N has replaced the local library.  Tuvia finds his way here often when he has a few hours in the afternoon to read.

It’s really a wonderful space to read and explore with a reading lovers community.

I remember sitting in a bookstore cafe years ago in Boston with my cousin Howie, dreaming of creating a space like this one. Oh well.  At least we have them in our backyards to enjoy.

What a great place to spend a Friday night!

Happy Holidays, Slicers. Nice to be Back and Congratulations to Stacey and Ruth for this great blog we get to share.


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4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 22 & Slice of Life Tuesdays

  1. Thanks Bonnie!

    BTW: I noticed B&N got free wifi. Problem is, the nearest one is across the river from us. Perhaps, though, I’ll have to take a trip one of these days to do more than just buy books from them.

    My best,

  2. There are benefits to living around here. Lots of B and N’s and lots of Apple stores!

  3. lynnjake

    I love to go to our B&N and browse books or write. I get a cup of hot tea or coffee and just while away the time. The new free WiFi has definitely been a bonus for me, although I’d go even without it. In fact, I have for a long time. My granddaughter learned to walk in Barnes & Noble. Their carpeted floor evidently felt safer to her than our wooden floors. Although I still go to the library often, it’s nice to be able to pile up a bunch of books and sit and read with a cup of something hot and a cookie!

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