New Challenges Begin:1/365 NaBlogPoMo for January

It’s Day One again.  Another fresh start. A Photo a  Day for 2010! NaBLoPoMo for January.

It’s exciting!  Where will we be a year from now?  What will change in the way we communicate here? Exciting!

So last night we ended the year at Lincoln Center.  No long dress, no heels, ahhh…comfort to brave the cold and our short walk from the car to the construction site that is now Lincoln Center. But the new fountain was on, the holiday lights reminded us of earlier days and we arrived early, comfortably early.

The hall filled up quickly. We were near the back but it didn’t matter. No bad seats for the power of the music.  First half of the concert, all good but it was Gershwin’s An American in Paris that took me away, out of myself and any distractions.

Yes, at first I did see Gene Kelly dancing along, but soon it was just me and the music, the pulse of the city all through Gershwin’s music. My favorite piece is Rhapsody in Blue, but tonight, American took me to new places and Tuvia traveled with me, even if he wasn’t feeling it as deeply as I was.

We left the concert and started walking back in warm rain.  I was still in the music even with a bit of conversation.

In record time we were back in the car, out into a quiet New York over the bridge and on route 4, on the way to celebrate just before midnight with a drink at our restaurant.  A Cape Codder with too much? vodka and crab cakes.

Then finally back home, in pjs. the ball drops on TV but for us the evening was crowned with a YouTube return to the Kennedy Center Honors 09 for Robert De Niro, Dave Brubeck(my hero) and finally, the BOSS!

Sitting side-by-side at my computer, Tuvia was most excited to be treated to the power of BRUCE!

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10 thoughts on “New Challenges Begin:1/365 NaBlogPoMo for January

  1. Love the way you write about your life! Almost like I could be there, listening to the music, then sipping the Cape Cod. Will visit again!
    Happy New Year Day!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy

  2. Beautiful, interesting shot.
    Usually I don’t read blogs with light font on dark background because of it being challenging for me to read. Yours is the easiest one, I’ve found.

    • Thanks for stopping by purplume and glad you enjoyed the color thing. That’s what I love about this blog type- photo looks great and the background is the dominant color of the photo so it’s always a surprise as the post is published.

  3. sounds like a great NYE. Happy 2010!

  4. Such a beautiful post. I love the way you describe the feeling of the music.

  5. WOW! I too love Gershwin and through the way you wrote about it, I felt as though I too were there. Sounds like a lovely way to end a year and begin another.

  6. It’s fun to tailor a New Year’s Eve to fit your particular interests. This year it was perfect from start to finish.

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