It’s Cold, It’s Winter: 4/365 NaBloPoMo January ’10

It’s cold out there.  In every room the  heaters are  turned up to maximum and still I feel the winter.  I have a fire in the fireplace, I am dressed in layers and still the winter outside can be felt inside. No breakfast coffee on the porch.

Last summer, last fall, as we walked in our nook I tried freezing the moments to release on just a morning like this one, but while I can remember my sandals with a bit of tan on my toes and our luxurious evening walks around the complex, the cold still dominates outside and in. No way around it and this cold, and wind and  snow potential will be torturing us through January, February, March and maybe a bit of April.  Good thing we have a beach trip scheduled for the end of February.


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9 thoughts on “It’s Cold, It’s Winter: 4/365 NaBloPoMo January ’10

  1. Brr! Living in Hawaii, I like it when I go back to the Northeast and there is a beautiful snowstorm. We have snow here on Mauna Kea but not today. Well, be warm and cozy. Good writing weather.

  2. Hawaii,
    Sounds divine, especially at this month in time. Hawaii is on my list to see especially with a good camera.

  3. Oh yes, you with a camera, that would be something to see. It is very beautiful here, above the clouds on the land and under the sea. XD

  4. Of course. As it is, I take a camera with me everywhere I go. That’s what happens in a photo-a-day challenge. Total obsession.

  5. knittnkitten

    On days like this I break open a pot of home made jam with our home grown berries, that’s how I keep my memories.

  6. That sounds wonderful. I made some popcorn and poured a glass of red wine.

  7. knittnkitten

    Taste is a wonderful sense.

  8. so jealous of your beach trip in February.

  9. There’s just so much winter I can take, but then I do need to get very serious about weight control before I pull out my summer clothes.

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