Living Color: 5/365 NaBloPoMo January 5

On cold winter days I don’t race to grab my camera and get outside to capture a moment. So my daily photo challenge forces me to take a good look at my personal world.

With the green thumb of my buddy Dana, who took time to give this plant a good and necessary cleaning, magic began to happen and armed with my Nikon D60 and a good flash, I took up the challenge to look inside with my lens.  I could have gone deeper with my marco lens but no, I wasn’t quite ready for that new challenge.  While my photographer friend, Sharon has been moving macro, I haven’t yet.  I know, I know, why not?

I will but for now, I took the easy way out…

I love the pink and black and I know that I will get even more of this plant with that lens now gathering dust.

A great day indoors with something to show for it!

Day 5/365, NaBloPoMo, and it’s Tuesday- Slice of Life Tuesdays with Two Writing Teachers

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10 thoughts on “Living Color: 5/365 NaBloPoMo January 5

  1. When it’s cold I stay in… I need to look for beautiful things around me to notice like you do.

  2. I’m with you but planning to be outside today. Am I crazy?
    PS. I’m thinking more and more about our conversation in Philly. Have you thought about writing about your own experiences with Charters?
    BTW, are you using the photo I took of you two writing teachers? YES!

  3. I found your blog through Nablopomo, and I love it. I am a budding photographer, still mastering the art of the 35mm Canon Rebel 2000ES, and loving every minute of it. Early mornings and cold weather are definitely the two things that hinder me the most.

  4. Morning Fellow Image Lover,
    I just added you to my Google Reader and thanks for finding me as well.

  5. I can feel the delicacy of the petals. It’s strong and dramatic. thank you for sharing, for doing this.

  6. This is an area that I feel needs more of my attention. I know that macro is more challenging with an SLR. My good buddy is creating amazing pieces in Macro and I know that I want to move there soon as well. I need to be directed though. I love to be a student and that’s easy working in the digital world and being joined at the hip with the Apple community.

  7. Annie

    What a beautiful picture. Your blog is such a reminder of the relationship between looking and seeing; seeing and writing.

  8. Thanks Annie,
    Seeing and writing, just what I was hoping for

  9. Ashley Dawn

    Wonderful Photograph and words to go with it.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful part of your world.

  10. Thanks Ashley,
    Do you have a blog?

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