Morning Routine: 6/365 NaBloPoMo January 6

My favorite time of the day.  At Tuvia’s the breakfast is out, the newspaper has arrived and being voraciously read,  on Morning Joe the “heads’ are jabbering away, the cereal is chewed as the coffee chaser keeps the caffeine flowing for the first writing into the day.

This is the best time of the day even if there’s no sunshine yet.

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9 thoughts on “Morning Routine: 6/365 NaBloPoMo January 6

  1. Karen McComas


  2. Thanks for being the first to stop by. I’m off to strong start this year by linking to NaBloPoMo and Face Book and the look of this blog format has been upgraded and it makes the photos look so cool, don’t you think?
    I am loving 2010 so far!

  3. Lynn Jacobs

    Good Morning, Bonnie! Hope you have a great day!
    XO Lynn

  4. YOU TOO my BUD! Time to get serious about weight reduction! Bathing suit for Aruba in February???? That’s a challenge!

  5. knittnkitten

    What a great photo, hope you had a great day!

  6. I really like the photo. I was enjoying it and then I discovered the person back there. Very nice how you bring us into iwhat seems like a nice surface and we find more.

  7. Rochelle

    This photo makes me want to pull up a chair and share a cup and the paper.

  8. Hi Rochelle,
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my passion.

  9. dkzody

    Hurray for newspapers at breakfast.

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