My Classroom: 7/365 NaBLoPoMo 1/7

My true passion is learning and here is where I get to do it on a regular basis. Where else in the computer world can that happen?  I spent 2 hours of a 3 hour session on December 23, sitting shoulder to shoulder with Tom at Apple learning a very challenging program.  I couldn’t absorb more than 2 hours or there was another one that I could have used.  Instead I went home and slowly recreated what I learned.

Yesterday I was back sitting shoulder to shoulder with Tom once again, now moving around, cracking open Photoshop as I work on a new digital piece.

Apple, I can never go back to the PC world.

I have the time and the passion and the support just down the road from home.

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9 thoughts on “My Classroom: 7/365 NaBLoPoMo 1/7

  1. onsundaymorning

    I can’t go back either.

  2. Takes one to know one…Apple, YES! Are you thinking about the new iSlate coming???

  3. dkzody

    i have to teach 3 periods on PCs and I sure dislike that. I think when it comes time to teach video this year we will move to my MAC lab. PCs are so difficult to use to make film.

  4. I’ve been a mac-aholic for years. I do have a small PC netbook when I have to work with teachers who are PC but then I happily go back to my mac.

  5. I’m a PC person. I guess macs are excellent for photos.
    I’m glad you have your passion ignited.

  6. Oh yeah. Once you have a Mac you can’t go back. However, I’ve decided to use blogspot instead of iWeb. Hence, my blog address has changed. It is now: Now you’ll have to change your google reader. Sorry.
    Hope to see you around.

  7. knittnkitten

    I remember at school computers were the new thing when I was in high school and I felt stupid because I couldn’t understand DOS, it was completely foreign to me. Took me 15 years and getting my head around the mac before I’d go to college and get my degree.

  8. You know there’s so much more to a Mac than the digital/photo thing. It’s just a better piece of equipment.

  9. I think there’ s so much more to a Mac than the photo thing. It’s just a great piece of equipment.

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