At the Burns: 10/365 NaBLoPoMo Day 10

We were a part of a big event at the Burns Film Center the other night: a full house with people waiting for standing room seats an hour before the start time

First we would see the hot  new movie, Crazy Heart, already nominated for a number of Golden Globes and Oscar buzz everywhere.

Jeff Bridges a great favorite of mine, stars as a broken down, alcoholic, country western singer on the verge of drowning or rising above with a incentive of a young, loving woman with a very cute son.

I was hesitant.  We’ve been here before, often but this is a small, independent movie where actors are given more opportunties for character authenticity.

I liked it very much. Jeff was really good.  He really sang and played guitar and the score was great, produced by T Bone Burnet, and Maggie Gyllenhaal was great as his young lover, offering a woman who held to her principles, Robert Duvall showed up as the supportive friend and Colin Farrell, who began as the protege and is now the star returning the favor and a fresh, new director-writer Scott Cooper.

It was good,really good and as the lights came up and the actors appeared on the stage we were excited but I don’t know, maybe it was the usual interview questions, their tough post production schedule, but it was a bit boring.  We are used to passionate actors, directors and writers at the Burns. Ang Lee after Brokeback Mountain and recently, director-writer, Mira Nair, who shared their life passions with us.  That didn’t happen here. They were just going through the motions and we were happy to meet, greet and get back out to our real lives.

A fun way to spend an evening, but my heart this year, remains with Precious!

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One thought on “At the Burns: 10/365 NaBLoPoMo Day 10

  1. I love all the Bridges, ever since I got to meet Lloyd in person. I was struck by how devoted his daughters in law were to him. To me that spoke volumes. I grew up on “Sea Hunt.”

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