Control: 12/365 NaBLoPoMo: Day 12

Week One is ending with Power!

I’m waiting for my book club buds to join me for lunch at a neighborhood diner.

I AM PREPARED!  In a plastic bag I have two reduced calorie bread. First time ever and with just a salad of greens, tomatoes and some cucombers I politely, discreetly remove a few strips of chicken and remain within the lunch menu and I’m happy.

Julia is also watching.  Bonnie doesn’t have to.  Eating is one area she is protected. Not a pound over, ever.

I am early and my Kindle is charged just for the opportunity to read while I wait.  I have so many books I can read that I am powerless to choose.

I have my camera and I play instead, challenged to shoot something for the day’s challenge.

Here it is!


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2 thoughts on “Control: 12/365 NaBLoPoMo: Day 12

  1. Lisa

    Sounds nice! Have you read “The Glass Castle”? I am recommending it to everyone!

  2. Reduced calorie bread, eh? This is what you were referring to on my FB Status the other day. I should be eating that not cupcakes, shouldn’t I?

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