Happy B Day Jeff: 13/365 NaBloPoMo 1/13

This is not a new photo of my brother and I, but it’s one that still makes me stop and appreciate the fact that we are growing up together.  Yes, I’m oldest, but he’s not far behind.

We had a stormy childhood.  Then it seemed that we were too close in age, But now as adults we can enjoy each other and laugh at our childhood issues.

Happy Birthday Jeff.  We will celebrate before January 2010 disappears.

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5 thoughts on “Happy B Day Jeff: 13/365 NaBloPoMo 1/13

  1. Nice to put a face to your writing. Yep, you two look like you get along famously. With my brothers and sisters, it seems like once we grew up we could give up our rivalry for my parents attention.

  2. There are actually lots of pictures of me on my blogs. Seems like I can’t escape and really enjoy seeing the good ones up. My brother and I loved our fights. He was a cut up and everyone loved watching him act silly, except me. Now I enjoy him silly(sometimes) and serious.

  3. I fought like mad with my brother – now we too are the best of friends. Make the most of each other. You never know what’s around the corner.

  4. I hear that and totally agree. Brothers rock,

  5. My brother and I have also found our friendship as adults. Not that we didn’t get along when we were younger, but there were times … I’m glad you and Jeff have a strong relationship now.

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