First of 2010: #18/365 NaBLoPoMo

First of the year and I dreaded a table filled with chips, funky cookies and nuts. But on my side- CARROTS and whole wheat pretzels and I was good, really good! Mostly carrots and a few pretzels made it through my self-imposed zipper.

Can I keep this going? Think Aruba, bathing suit, February…

Aside from the food, the conversation was great.  A leadership meeting of the Hudson Valley Writing Project, planning for the Summer Institute 2010 began.

As comfortable as I am here on the web, making connections with the world, there’s nothing like face-to-face communication. NOTHING. And maybe because of our lives are webbed together, face-to-face becomes more precious.

It was good to make the trip to New Paltz, even though it was a tough ride up without much sun or energy, but I’ve learned to break down and stop at the well positioned rest stops for a walk to the bathroom and a fresh cup of coffee or diet coke. And after the live connections riding home, back to Tuvia for dinner, I was flying, singing with favorites on my Ipod.

Sure, I won’t say no to a conference call today, but when the July arrives, I’ll be out on the road, riding up each morning sipping a Dunkin’ Donuts extra large coffee, with a bit of milk, singing and gearing up for a room filled with people energy!

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One thought on “First of 2010: #18/365 NaBLoPoMo

  1. knittnkitten

    Glad to see your doing well, we had our first public thing last night with a potluck!
    I brought a large salad and everyone loved it!
    I lasted the hosts veggie enchiladas to be polite and toasted with a small amount of champagne but was back in place today. Life is good.
    Size 8 here I come!

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