Transitioning: 23/365 NaBloPoMo

What a full day! Out and and over the TZ bridge by 8am for a day of tech with the New York City Writing Project.

It was wonderful to watch another site taking up the tech challenge to offer their members a way to communicate online.  And face to face with a buds. What a wonderful combination of online and in person.

Grace, Debi, Felicia, Nancy, Joe and Ed…Thank YOU!

And then back over the bridge. Home for a few hours before a second ride of the TZ to get to a party- my brother’s 30th wedding anniversary celebration with a service first, at their synagogue.

A full day, a full night… and a cheat meal- totally allowed and encouraged on this diet I’ve been sticking to and with.

I was ready for a night a sleep!

With all the photos I had to choose from, I hovered over a series of my “transitions”. Just before we got back into my car for a second ride over the Hudson, Tuvia waited as I captured the view from building again.

I love the layers of color just beyond the trees! What we saw is what showed up with the camera!

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