Ignoring Yesterday& Today: 25/365 A Tuesday Slice of Life

We’ve been stopped at this corner many times in the last 13 years. It’s Julliard, the Julliard.  But given its recent rennovation as a result of its connection to Lincoln Center just across the street it’s been getting a makeover, a makeover that we are gushing over, thrilled to stop for the light to get a look inside the bottom to top windows opening the new look to the world.

As this jewel of NY City’s world of the arts gets a new look, I can’t help but wonder what will happen to the future of the arts and schools with large budgets get sliced and diced from the state’s budget woes.  The arts should never be shorted. NEVER!

And today, in the rain and wind, I needed to return to our thrill at the new look for the arts in NYC. A good thing!

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6 thoughts on “Ignoring Yesterday& Today: 25/365 A Tuesday Slice of Life

  1. Ooo, I hadn’t seen the new facade. I like it.

    And I love the perspective in your photo!


  2. The glass is so clean. I love clean windows. I love the see through and reflections.

  3. I agree, you can always get an interesting view through a window Double surprise.

  4. What a great window on the arts in education! You are so right about the arts.

  5. How gorgeous!

  6. Fabulous!

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