Rockland Lake in January: 26/365

It was cold yesterday morning but with a bit of planning and arriving just before Sharon I could easily add a layer of warmth over my exercise pants and t-shirt, making it easier to take on the 3 1/2 mile ring around Rockland’s semi-frozen lake.  Although, if Sharon showed up and suggested coffee instead, I would have willingly given up my commitment. After all, I had already satisfied my daily exercise regime- an hour of weight work at the gym.

But when Sharon drove into the empty space next to me, we were both out of our cars and moving without conversation.

I had my good camera at my side and Sharon, no camera? Unusual for her, but she was more than willing to pause for me to grab a moment or two, in fact, as we got closer to the water’s edge she was in a state of regret, especially where the water broke through the freeze, like right here…

It’s good to have a friend as obsessed as I am. Out to capture as much as she can with a camera and a variety of lenses.

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One thought on “Rockland Lake in January: 26/365

  1. Sounds like an excellent day all around.

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