Snow Returns: 28/365

It’s winter!  We woke up yesterday and I didn’t bother to notice that it was snowing. SNOWING!

Tuvia ignored it as he left for the morning and I could see that while the ground was covered, my car was covered, but the street was still black and it was warm outside.  So I continued to believe that the day would unfold as planned.

But no, that didn’t happen.  I moved along, dressed for the weather, grabbed my tools and wiped my car of the white and at first everything was moving as usual, well a bit slower but still moving.

But soon, getting closer to the Rockland line the snow increased and visability was clouded and I changed course, heading for my ulitmate mountain road to home. Climbing, climbing on a bit of snow was nothing yet and then I entered my complex and conditions worsened as I headed for my territory and the last hill, covered in a white blanket made it impossible to get up even with front wheel drive and I had to settle for a spot on the side of the road.

And out of the car I left half my things in the car to make it easier to walk on the fresh layer.

Finally home and inside the challenge of a new photo demanded a move back into the cold, outside on my porch, for this one.

I tried following The Daily Shoot, for a more abstract focus.

Good to be inside when the snow is getting in the way.

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