Virtual Troy: #30/365

Some techies use Skype regularly and probably have come to take its power for granted. Not me! Yes, I have it downloaded on my computer(s) and have used it, but on Saturday its application was dramatic.

Meet Troy Hicks, author of  The Digital Writing Workshop, a great new text we have been reading together as a technology team for the Hudson Valley Writing Project.  The book has been well received by many teachers impatient to bring technology into their classrooms with the necessary structure to support the new web tools, and many of the team members have already been doing just that.  In addition, we are working on a conference in April where Troy will keynote and the team will offer workshops following Troy that will complement the ideas of the book.

So when Tory accepted my invitation to meet with the team via Skype at our January meeting, everyone was excited.  On Saturday, with some minor glitches, we met with Troy for over an hour, and while we could have  i-chatted on our ning site with him, that virtual face-to-face was more powerful. Troy home in Michigan, the team together in the classroom at the Poughkeepsie Day School in upstate New York on a Saturday morning, sharing and planning and learning together…

I was in web world heaven.

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One thought on “Virtual Troy: #30/365

  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Glad that we could make the Skype event work, at least for a bit!

    Sorry about the poor connection on my end (no thanks to Comcast!), but I am looking forward to the face-to-face HVWP event in April.

    Take care,

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