Apple Sharp: #34/365 #ds80

Make a “sharp” photo today any way you interpret it, either tack-sharp focus or a subject that is sharp itself. #ds80
I was early today, even with a layer of fresh snow everywhere, except the highway.
I left the gym with more than enough time to get to the Apple Store for my one-on-one and even grab a cup of coffee at the only coffee spot opened before 10AM.  I know the guy there well by now.
But I was really early- 45 minutes early and before 10 you can’t even wander into shops. Nothing is open except the Apple store, open to Apple learners.
And even though I was not scheduled until 10, there was a stool for me, a space at a table, a smile from an Apple staffer and conversation with other members of the Apple community.
Pretty fantastic!
And with today’s daily shoot assignment on my mind, I took full advantage of an Apple store without customers.
I captured this. I saw sharp, clear lines brand new  Macs prepped to touched…
What do you see?
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5 thoughts on “Apple Sharp: #34/365 #ds80

  1. looks so neat and organized. XD

  2. It’s just missing a crowd.

  3. Did you buy anything? Are you going for an iPad?

  4. Of course I will be owning an Ipad. I hope I can resist the first generation to allow for the bugs to be removed. I don’t want to be in the guinea pig gen.

  5. I didn’t even see the stuff in the store. I saw the sweet older man waving at the camera… he looks so happy.

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