The Box Conquers:35/365 #81ds

Contrasting ideas engage the mind. Make a photo today that tells a story with contrasting elements. (via @dibytes)

I have thought a lot about the journals I have collected over the years of my writing life, especially for the last 20.  I have a row of them in my book case.  I glance over and sometimes walk over and reach out for one of the leather bound books open it and leaf through the pages  returning to my another time. Most of these journals are unfinished.  I remember starting them with resolve just after a period of time I put them down. Who was I sharing with?

Today I write daily here with these silver boxes.

What’s happened in 20 years?

Change in the writing and sharing…

What a pleasure!  I am not sad about taking up computer and leaving behind the paper and pen.

Are you?

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5 thoughts on “The Box Conquers:35/365 #81ds

  1. knittnkitten

    I see you caught the great apple mating ritual with your camera today. I know what you mean about writing, I begin journals with the best intentions of gifting my self the time to sit and write, but instead I come here and type.

  2. I never sustained a journal more than a few days – but I have kept up my photo blog now for over a year, with only a very occasional day off. There is something to be said for audience. it has made me hone my writing and my thinking. Comments from people like you make me want to write regularly.

  3. Yes, that public publishing possibility. You don’t know who will find you. Are you on Face Book? That’s a great place to publish blog posts.

  4. Cynthia Calvert

    My sister and I have rows and rows of our great-grandfather’s journals from the late 1800’s to around 1930ish. He was a Presbyterian minister, and they are mostly filled with his everyday routine and the books he read, but occasionally there are gems, family news—especially of my beloved Granny. I have perused them looking for those gems and recording them to use in a novella where the main character is based on Granny, which I started probably ten years ago and then put down. I still like writing in my journal with pen, but sometimes I have so much to say, I use my computer and then paste it in my journal. What does this say about me? I love tradition, but sometimes technology is best!

  5. knittnkitten

    Facebook is great, although I’m still not sure of how to link up my blog.

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