Precious: 36/365 #ds82

More fun on a Friday: Make a photo that goes with the title of a movie you’ve seen, interpreted any way you like!#ds82

I’m cheating!  I didn’t take this yesterday but it’s perfect for this Daily Shoot

Probably the most powerful movie of this season, this year maybe, is Precious,  based on the amazing novel  Push by Sapphire.  I remember reading the book and understanding why it would be almost impossible to adapt it for the screen.  But time has past and a great director took up the cause and persuaded a very protective Sapphire, to give him a chance with it and he won her over with his “out-of-the-box” vision.

I would love to see this film take home all 6 Oscars they are nominated for:

The film itself was nominated for Best Picture, while leading star Gabourey Sidibe, who plays the role of Precious, was nominated for best actress, and Monique was nominated for best supporting actress, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on Tuesday.

Director Lee Daniels was nominated for best director, Joe Klotz was nominated for best film editing and Geoffrey Fletcher was nominated for best writing for an adapted screenplay.

As I watched it and again agonized with Precious and cheered on her spirit, celebrating a teacher who helped her share her voice with the world,  cheering a social worker who worked the system for her and took on her abusive mother, makes me remember my parents who made my life easier.

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One thought on “Precious: 36/365 #ds82

  1. That photo certainly is precious. I love how you’ve captured the joy in their day.

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