Pets?: 39/365 #ds85

Pet photos are such a cliche, but they’re also cute. Make an interesting photo of a pet today. #ds85

My pets.

Low Maintanence!

I’ve had them for years, since my nephew Josh arrived 27 years ago.

I had one turtle for him and one for me, when he came for visits to my apartment. Then  Oatmeal, the rabbit arrived soon after. One for him, one for me.  And as the rest of our brood joined us more Oatmeals and Turtles appeared for Amanda, Maya, Leigh and Dani.

I will bet that my duo is the only remaining pair.

That’s okay.  They make me feel good even though Tuvia can’t wait to make them disappear when he finds them placed on these pillows.

I embrace them as my condo pets. I can assure you, they are house broken.

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5 thoughts on “Pets?: 39/365 #ds85

  1. Busted

    These are the best kind of pets. They last forever, no potty issues and easy to store 🙂

  2. The pictures if you posted any didn’t show up for me.

  3. I don’t know XD, I see it! And yes Busted, I totally agree!

  4. And quiet – no barking or scratching the furniture.

  5. Today I can see the photo. ho ho

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