Passions!: 41/365 #ds87

We all have some sort of hobby or favorite activity. Make a photo that shows something you enjoy doing.#ds87

My desk is filled with my “hobby”: Ipods, external hard drives, mics for podcasting, cameras, computer equipment, bags everywhere. Computers? Nope! They are with me.

Hobby?  No, I would say it’s more passion.  Hobby sounds so casual.  I used to create cross stitch pieces with a needle and thread and an empty screen following box by box, a printed map of shapes and colors.  It was peaceful and time consuming and I could listen to TV as I worked. But after many pieces I needed something different for my hands and my head. I picked up a guitar and started to learn to play it. I never returned to the needle and thread.

And I added more things for the mind… tech toys and more to come…

I hear there’s a great one coming from Apple in the next few months…

The Ipad?

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One thought on “Passions!: 41/365 #ds87

  1. Hobby sounds like a craft shop word. Model trains, quilting. What your desk looks like is more of a self-description. You are what you do or something like that.

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