Snow Coming?: #40/365 #ds86

Frank Kafka said “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” Make a photo of something beautiful today.#ds86

It’s February 9, and the call for snow tomorrow seems absurd. Green grass, warm sunshine and I didn’t need my earmuffs. But New York City Schools are cancelled for tomorrow.

New York City Schools never close!

I don’t want to wake up to the white blanket. I want clear roads to my film class that is supposed to begin tomorrow night.

BUT... I’m sure that the green grass of today will be hidden from my gaze tomorrow as the daylight arrives.


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2 thoughts on “Snow Coming?: #40/365 #ds86

  1. While the US east coast gets blanketed, up here in Montreal we have had very little snow this year. I think we’re breaking records. Hope all melts quickly for you.

  2. Yes Susan,
    Snow in February. A reality here. Good that we are off to Aruba by the 23rd. I was ready to plan this trip for the end of January. Tuvia wanted to delay until we got closer to the end of February. CORRECT!
    I can’t really imagine walking on the beach barefoot…

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