Surprise!: 42/365 #ds88

We often get stuck in a rut of always zooming to the longest focal length. Break out today by making a wide-angle photo.#ds88

After a full Wednesday comfortably installed in the space of my apartment, with only a touch of Cabin Fever in the last few hours before sleep, the Thursday morning sunshine, with the complex walks and parking lots slowly returning to black, my scheduled  trip up the New York State Thursday to work at SUNY New Paltz seemed promising.

I was ready sooner than expected, and with an extra 30 minutes I was sure I’d arrive with time to stop for a coffee on the way to my first meeting with Jackie and JoAnn,  to plan for our upcoming tech conference in the April Spring. Spring, I couldn’t imagine, now bundled tightly in my winter jacket blanket, trusty earmuffs, scarf, gloves, warm shoes.

I was out walking along a clear path and but the green bench on my left caught me and even though I was already beyond the river, I glanced back and pulled my camera out from its warm bag and set it up for a shot, for two.

Here’s my wider view.

But as promising as the day seemed at that moment in time, just 15 minutes later and my plans turned upside down.  My car, housed in its garage just needed a minute of warming and I was easing it out, slowly, into a tight outside space. I was careful to respect the car owners without garages as they steadily, patiently dug out their cars as I gingerly drove by them off to New Paltz.

But as I turned right, and attempted to navigate my car up the first steep hill of our complex, I ran into a road in need of  more plowing.  I hit the steep center and even with constant rocking from forward to reverse I could not  get us to the top.  Nervously, I accepted our reality and pulled  over to the right side, with the emergency brake on and my tries facing correctly.  I got out of the car and tried to calmly problem solve.  I was sure that New Paltz would be out of the question. No plow in sight. A guy just across from me was calling out, urging me to return back into my car to move it out of his way, knowing that if my car remained where I left it, he could never get out without hitting me. I ignored him.  There was nothing I could do without some help.

Jump 30 minutes later-

After calls to Tuvia, to New Paltz, to the complex office, I found the snow plower. He swiftly cleared my path, front and back and I put my care in revserse and with renewed control backed down and headed  to the warm garage where it would remain until the complex roads were clear enough.

I returned to my warm apartment and called New Paltz, prepared to meet virtually and while I wanted to be there in person, virtual was not bad. And later, when the sun really took over, I dressed again for the outside,joined Tuvia and drove out for dinner and guitar class. And when I finally returned the car to its gargage the power of the Wednesday snow storm was becoming just another snow memory.

I can’t wait to sit on this green bench when I’m back in shorts and in no rush to be inside.

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One thought on “Surprise!: 42/365 #ds88

  1. Not sure why I like the look of an abandonned bench in winter – maybe it’s the promise of the future as you expressed in your writing.

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