Assembled?: 45/365 #ds93

Things are always a-changin’. Make a photo that offers a snapshot of something being built, fabricated, or assembled.#ds93
I’m watching the Olympics in Vancouver. It’s pouring.  Here’s it’s snowing. I think they need to be here! And I, need to be…on a beach. That’s coming soon- Aruba, next Tuesday!
For now I’m here, home with a review of the Olympic moments on the mountains with snowboards and dancing on the ice, from yesterday and outside there’s enough snow everywhere to hold me home, even though I’d like to be off to the gym.
Some mornings, waking up this white cover frustrates me when there are plans to be ruined, but this morning, today, I can melt into the couch, turn off the TV and read, read, read. And when it’s time, get to my guitar and move further in the world of Flamenco, and when the mind and fingers demand a break, there’s the Nordic Track for the body!
Sounds like a plan until the snow is removed from paths and complex roads and Tuvia arrives to ride out for a fresh movie screening…
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One thought on “Assembled?: 45/365 #ds93

  1. Yes, perfect.

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