Morning Read

It’s 8 am with nowhere to get to…

I just need my Kindle filled with unread downloads, a second cup of coffee, a bit more light and my glasses.

So I’m turning off the Today Show and adding a  log in the fireplace and

I will be set to get reading!

What are you doing?

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7 thoughts on “Morning Read

  1. …wishing I was doing a morning read, that’s for sure. Instead, I spent all morning uploading and resizing pictures from my weekend trip, and writing a blog post about it lol. I enjoy photography, but sometimes, the uploading the picture part really stinks.

  2. No kindle in my house – still using paper! Wish I had time for a read – took time out of work to read a few posts and take pleasure from the images. Your morning sounds like heaven.

  3. Love the snow outside your window. No fun here…I’m doing taxes!

  4. I am so jealous, ya.

  5. I don’t always push myself to read even though my Kindle is filled with great titles. It feels so good to get a good book inside you and my Kindle is divine, but I am itching to see the latest and greatest iPad arriving in stores in a few months…next month, actually. Can I hold out for the second generation?

  6. About to wake up the hubby and make coffee. We have guests stopping by tonight, so there will be cleaning to do. Lots and lots of cleaning.

  7. Sheila, I like the first part of your plan, but the cleaning that’s a true commitment!

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