Fragile:46/365 #ds94

Fragility conveys tension. Make a photo today of a person or object in a fragile state.#ds94

I am up high looking down at the road I need to deal with in a few hours.  Is there conflict in this photo? Hmmm….

Just one week ago I was here in this place.  A massive snowstorm the day before and the following morning, the remants with the start of some return to normal. The sun is back again to my left and I have time to allow for the plow to get here for another effort to get more of the white removed.

But I was here just one week ago and it looked better than it was.  My great car was no match for the snow and ice beneath my wheels.  A fragile reality as my car lost traction.

Tuvia assures me that it’s only up here in my complex above the Hudson.

I can afford to wait it out until the hear the scrape of metal on mecadum.

I can wait to avoid another bump in the road, dismantling well made plans for travel and stimulation.

I’m waiting…patiently…

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6 thoughts on “Fragile:46/365 #ds94

  1. much conflict. To go out or stay in. To drive or take the bus. To trust the car makers or live in fear. Eek.

  2. Hi Kortney,
    Yes I agree on the conflict issues. Good thing I waited for the sun. The ride was totally on black surfaces.
    BTW, your website link doesn’t work. You are missing the .com.
    Good thing I figured that one out

  3. knittnkitten

    So glad your safe and well.

  4. Thank you? Knitnkitten, do you have a blog?

  5. knittnkitten

    I am just re-inventing myself…


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