Addicted!: 47/365 #ds95

Frames outline the focus of a subject. Make a creative photo with natural framing: windows, doors, trees, borders, etc. #ds95

Last night,  on my way home from New Paltz, I was tired after a full day of meetings, but with great riding conditions, manageable traffic and a fairly good amount of energy I wanted to be home.  I hoped I could play guitar(I couldn’t), I hoped I could exercise( I did!) and I knew I’d be focused on a night of the Olympics.

I never watch skiing or  ice racing or snowboarding or any sports, but the Olympics, broadcast to us on NBC,  always consumes me

It’s thrilling to see the passion and commitment of so many who sacrifice everything else for the love of their sport.  The devotion seems to be beyond  money, of course success can lead them to monetary rewards but there’s so much more that moves them and their families to sacrifice.

I loved the Flying Tomato and with the Daily Shoot’s challenge, I could kill two birds this morning…

And now I’m off for my day!

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One thought on “Addicted!: 47/365 #ds95

  1. brilliant idea for a frame. I love killing two birds or more with one stone. Congrats on getting in the exercise.

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