Right Under My Nose: 48/365 #ds96

Symbols can be simple, ornate, plain, or colorful. Make a photo of a symbol that represents or stands for something else. #ds96

This is me, maybe at my best.  Nice nose, a bit big, but the color is perfect.  I am focusing on the arms and the weights that look like delicate bows and the orange hair and the broad smile and the very short dress, and long legs without feet.

It’s me created with love by a very young  artist on a sleep over with me and her Saba(grandfather).

That was then.  I’m sure sleep overs are now very different…

But I’m remembering….with this symbol of her childhood and our moment of sharing.

What does she remember?

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2 thoughts on “Right Under My Nose: 48/365 #ds96

  1. Leora

    Close. But it’s not you at your best. It’s Saaba at his worst. Looks very influenced by the Big Apple Circus. They had a clown with red hair one year. Also, it’s a shirt, not a dress.

  2. See what Revisionist history is all about? I think I like my version! Nice to have you stop by…

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