RIver Sunday:50/365 #ds98

Backgrounds are tricky. They can make a subject stand out or distract from it. Make a photo with a good background today.#ds98

I didn’t grow up loving the Hudson but since I moved here, I’m home here. And Tuvia, since our first day, has been more than happy to spend a Sunday here as well.

Today, as I planned this photo for my Daily Shoot Challenge, Tuvia had his own plan.  Just before our Sunday stop here, we made a food for dinner stop at ShopRite and Tuvia selected a large loaf of cheap bread for the birds.

He wondered if anyone who show. Was he crazy?  He opened the bag and started slowly sharing…and almost instantly a flock appeared to gratefully eat from him.

And I had my camera in hand shooting continuously on an empty memory card.

This is the ONE…Tuvia making a connection and here at the edge of the water, Tuvia is hardly a distraction…

Feels like all the elements are working together…

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3 thoughts on “RIver Sunday:50/365 #ds98

  1. Nice shot – and enjoy your holiday.

  2. such a beautiful picture, and so peaceful. Nicely done.

  3. Yes all the elements are working together, man in his dominion.

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