Old/New: 32/365 #ds101

There is often a conflict between traditional and contemporary. Make a photo that shows this tension. (@melhutch) #ds101

Kindle vs. printed books!  NO!

It looks that way, and many people may see it that way, and I believe that down’the road, we will be moving to eReaders, just like we have moved many times before…in fact, soon I’ll be moving to the iPad…Anyone ready to buy my Kindle in a year or so?

It’s progress!  I love reading on the Kindle, in fact, I have a novel book version, not on the Kindle yet, and I’m not enjoying it as much.

That was fast.

I still enjoy reading ed books traditionally, so I can write in them, but soon the eReader will make that easier as well.  I am sure of it.

What’s your feelings??? Who loves the Kindle??? Who’s getting a iPad?

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8 thoughts on “Old/New: 32/365 #ds101

  1. I want a kindle, let me know when yours is available. I think we are definitely going that way. Once we got a pencil, we stopped using a piece of charcoal. mostly anyway.

  2. I love my Kindle, I got the Kindle2 for Christmas this past year, and I can’t imagine life without it. I have said many times, and I stand by the fact that NOTHING will ever replace the smell and feel of a paper book, or of a library, but I think in the future the average person will have an e-reader.
    I won’t get an I-pad because I am one of the rare people that defies Apple to infiltrate my life. No ipod, no iphone, no ipad, no Mac, nothing… but then again, I am kinda odd at times.

  3. Mac, a big step up from Microsoft…now there’s a company that took Bill Gates from competition crusher to philanthropist! If you just judge the quality of the product and the customer service… take a walk into an Apple Store, it feels like a school…
    Let’s see what the ipad offers…

  4. I have an ITouch which has the ability to hold books and so much more. I prefer that.

  5. knittnkitten

    I’m looking forward to an iPad.

  6. Haven’t succumbed to a Kindle yet – and not ready for an iPad (let them get bugs out etc.) but I love my physical books.

  7. I think I will eventually get a Kindle—when the prices go down. As it is, I cannot hardly find time to read books old school style.

  8. karenstuebing

    Hey, great to find another Daily Shooter on WordPress!

    This is a great idea for the assignment. Well photographed too. I’m ambivalent about Kindle. I don’t have one but if I did I reckon it would be about the same as reading an actual book.

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