Race for the Chairs: 52/365

It’s our second morning in paradise.  There was a bit of rain, just a sprinkle and if we weren’t standing on our balcony overlooking the pool, we wouldn’t have been sure anything was falling from the sky.

The empty chairs in the picture are now filled with bodies tanning, hoping that friends back home, dealing with mounds of snow, notice where these lounge potatoes have been when they are back home, sharing a shovel.

I’m sorry that the great weather here is only here.  Our plan to is bring the sun vibes home with us for March.

Even though we are up early every morning, so far we haven’t joined the race for a lounge, but after lunch we were out by the beach grabbing for leftovers…a chair here, a bit of shade there, and would you believe that, a good 30 minutes  after we were comfortably settled and reading, a lounger showed up demanding our chairs and our towels, accusing us of stealing their spot.

Courageously, I stood up for our squatter’s rights but ignoring my rational and polite stand, she took up her bag and  one of the other 4 empty  chairs and moved into the sun to burn…

Victory in Aruba!

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2 thoughts on “Race for the Chairs: 52/365

  1. Enjoy!
    It’s sunny with a bit of rain here in So Cal, but all that means is that it’s weed season!
    “A handful a day keeps the weeds at bay.”

  2. Interesting. I know the dash for a lounge chair. I love that the picture evokes all that.

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