Cruisin’: 53/365 #ds105

Sunday challenge: Make a photo that invokes or communicates happiness to the viewer. Make ’em feel it, not just see it! #ds105

I would like to say that I am one with the ocean.  True, on shore and when the boat is floating on the water as if it’s a sea of glass, but once the waves kick in and the water starts rockin’ us, then NO, I’m not one with the sea.

But Tuvia comes alive when there’s a bit more danger in the air, so yesterday as we waited to get on board the “pleasure boat” I was the one anxious to get the party started and Tuvia hung back.

BUT the tables turned once we pulled away from the dock.  Yes, I liked it most of the time but Tuvia LOVED it all the time, even when most of the other passengers drank at the bar of bottomless bottles and some of the most bizzare couples got into the LOUD music and danced the time away.

So, as we headed for shore and Tuvia found his way back to my seat, I was ready to get off the Cruisin” Sunset boat for land under my feet.

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One thought on “Cruisin’: 53/365 #ds105

  1. That communicates happiness all right. Wish I was there.

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