Daily Shoot Challenge! #ds106

During the Olympics, we saw many images of sports. Make your own photo of a sports activity, gear, or spirit today. #ds106

I don’t remember what moved me away from the water to a place vowed I’d never be: watching the fun!  I still looked good in a suit but it stopped being fun. Just one day, I got into the water and people with me were just swimming not playing.  Swimming seriously.

I loved the water and I did learn to swim as a kid, in camp- Oakwood Camp.  But it wasn’t really about the swimming it was being in the water with friends.

Fast forward: For the past fifteen years Tuvia has been pushing me to join him in the water and I have continually refused.  But today, this morning, our last morning on this vacation in Aruba I had my all-pupose, exercise-swimming suit on and ironically Tuvia couldn’t join me so instead he captured this moment for eternity.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Shoot Challenge! #ds106

  1. You look so happy!

  2. the water looks so inviting. You can have this virtual friend in there virtually.

  3. Great photo. Makes me wish I could swim. =)

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