Last Day in Paradise: 54/365 Slice #1

Slice #1, Year #3. Welcome March Slicers to my Photo-a-Day Blog.  It’s good to be back with educators who write; it’s still too hard to find that combination of teacher/writer and even harder to find the teacher/writer who blogs.

But thanks to Stacey and Ruth we have this great March opportunity to write together and share and hopefully continue beyond the month on Tuesdays.

At the moment, because I don’t have a full-time classroom anymore, I can travel when kids can’t.  So the week after Presidents’ Week we scheduled a week in Aruba and missed the hordes and the higher prices I used to pay with my fellow teachers who needed a break from the winter.

As it happens, this has been a perfect week to be here for breakfast, given the excessive storm last week that devastated New York and New Jersey. No snow in Aruba, no rain in Aruba, no winter in Aruba.

Of course, Tuvia my SO, is itching to get home.  Too much paradise for him.  Me, I’m happy to be here and I’ll be happy to get home.  Honestly, I miss home too and maybe I won’t have to deal with any snow as I drive up my mountain road.

So this is our last full day in shorts, tees and sandals.  One last day to walk leisurly inside and out and we are bringing to good weather vibes with us.

Here’s a bit of Arbua for you…. Aruba WaterColors


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7 thoughts on “Last Day in Paradise: 54/365 Slice #1

  1. I hope this comment comes out sounding like the compliment I mean, and not rude. I love looking at your pictures because they are not necessarily ALL artsy. They are beautiful, they are balanced, and they are an excellent scrapbook of memories, I would think. Anyhow.. I guess what I am trying to say is that they make the subject of the picture look REAL and not idealized….
    Oh… and Aruba? I am jealous.

  2. Wow! Aruba! It is wonderful that you can hit these vacation spots. Tuvia is such a great subject for your photos. My husband would never allow me to take a picture of him eating breakfast:-)

  3. Lisa

    I am jealous! I will be doing the same as soon as I retire: traveling when the prices are low. I, too, love your photo of Tuvia, mid-sip. Very natural and easy.

  4. Love the picture! Enjoy your time away. Does Tuvia really want to get back to all the snow?

  5. Not having to pay Presidents’ Week hotel prices: pricesless!

  6. How can anyone have “too much paradise” ??? Wow, Bonnie, I am so jealous…Tina

  7. Mmm … Aruba! Glad you and Tuvia had a wonderful trip, my friend.

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