Leaving Paradise for Home: 55/365 Slice# 2

No doubt it’s hard to leave paradise, but I’m always looking over my shoulder: What am I missing? I’m into one thing and wondering, what comes next?

Don’t you?

It takes effort to be totally   “in the moment” and I keep working at it, but maybe even more lately, I am always worried that I won’t get to everything.

Here in paradise, I filled my Kindle with lots of recommended titles and finished two powerful novels.  Many great book lovers I know loved Olive Kitteridge and after just a few pages I was sure I would too and yes, I did.

Olive, the main character, is not a hero, far from it. She appears in the first chapter filled with edge and an inability to see herself. But she is given the time to begin her interior work, even though she comes to it later than many.  So the focus of the book was on her as an older woman, dealing with her aging and that felt close to home given where I am in years, anyway. And Tuvia as well.

So yes, we are leaving paradise today and usually Tuvia is dragging me home, but like him I’m ready to get home and embrace some cool challenges coming my way…

It will be easier to get to the web, a new documentary film class begins tomorrow night, my Flamenco guitar group will be playing in public this month for the first time and I am way too slow and  on Thursday, as long as there’s no snow,  our Hudson Valley Writing Project’s leadership team will meet with our Summer Institute ’09 group for one last time and next week we begin interviews for our SI 2010.

Wow, lots of moments to stay with.

See you back in the USA for a Slice a Day with the Two Writing Teachers

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11 thoughts on “Leaving Paradise for Home: 55/365 Slice# 2

  1. Great picture! Looks like Aruba agreed with you!

    And now I am home and ready to put on the winter coat to get back into reality!

  2. What a beautiful place, and a great picture! Sounds like you needed this vacation to prepare for all the items that are going to be on your plate. Have a safe trip home, and we will chat with you on the home side 🙂

    YOU BET! Home is always a good thing. My film class begins tonight! Tomorrow I’m off to work!

    All good! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Sorry to hear that you’re being dragged back home. Try to bottle some of that sunshine and warm weather and bring it back here to us!

    All yours Stacey. Looks like there’s a lot of SLICERS this year!

  4. I will have to read “Olive Kitteridge”. It sounds like you have a lot of interesting projects coming up. I look forward to reading about them.

  5. Hello Bonnie!!
    Seems like I only connect via SOL!
    Looking forward to another month with you.
    Love the photo and will check out the book recommendation!

  6. Great photo, Bonnie. You look so happy. I’m going to get that Olive book.
    Thanks, Tina

    Hey Tina, nice to be slicing with you again for this month!

  7. Paradise looks pretty darn good for where I’m sitting. Quite a different view than the one outside my window.

  8. Lovely shot. I’m glad you had such a good time and are so poised for your next adventures.

  9. Ellen

    Loved Olive K. Bonnie! Exchanging the relaxation of a vacation to the peace and respite of home? Sounds welcome!

  10. It’s always tough going back to the daily grind after a nice vacation. But I gotta tell ya, I’d LOVE to be doing all the stuff you’re going back to. sounds like a lot of excitement to me.

  11. So glad you had a great trip, Bonnie. I know that feeling of wondering what’s next, looking ahead to the upcoming class or the task list. The documentary filmmaking class sounds great. Can’t wait to hear about that!

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