Home: 56/365 Slice #3

At 10 am, I walked into my condo after a week away in Aruba. I look summer healthy: a tanned face and arms and legs after one full week of living in my  sandals, shorts and tees with joy.  According to Michael, our taxi driver, who welcomed us as we removed our winter jackets at the airport and took us to the hotel. Yesterday he returned us after our week of Aruba summer relaxed and almost ready to depart for home.  I wasn’t ready to take off my summer clothes quite yet so I carried my shoes, pants and jacket along with me in my carry on.

We missed the big snow storm that left my family without power for four days. My brother, as mayor of my hometown, had to declare the village officially in a state of emergency and there are still 200 homes without power. Fortunately, the temperatures never went below 30 degrees. He is certain that if  it fell into the teens dead bodies would have been found in the village.

In Aruba, no home is equipped with a heater.  Imagine. No one owns a shovel or a winter jacket or even an umbrella. Temperatures never hit below 70 and there is no rain fall.

So when it’s time to vacation, Arubans travel away from the beach to Europe, to America, to the mountains, to the colder climates.

So, I think think that a vacation on the beach is a wonderful way to spend a week at the end of February when the winter has lost its thrill and spring is still too far away, but even without the sun this view from my porch warms my heart.

It’s so good to be home and slicing for the month of March!

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6 thoughts on “Home: 56/365 Slice #3

  1. Just when I think that I can’t stand another week of winter, Mother Nature shares a little sunshine. I’ve often wondered if I would miss the winter and appreciate the summer if I lived somewhere like Aruba. I bet so. I’ve enjoyed hearing about your wonderful trip. Sand and sun are both good for the soul.

    Karren, we almost spent the last week of January in Aruba. So good that we waited but it’s harder than I thought to wash the summer clothes and put them away for another few months. But yes, sand and sun were great for skin and soul.

  2. Anonymous
  3. This picture looks like the NY I know.
    Here in Hawaii, we don’t have heaters or air conditioners in most homes. The trade winds blow through the house cooling it off.

  4. Didn’t you return from some sunny spot at the start of last slice of life? I seem to remember that….. loved the photo…. captured the day.

  5. Good juxtaposition between this picture and the one before it!

  6. @ PP I forget you are in Hawaii. Good thing that there was no crises! Have you been to Aruba?
    @ mag- yes, last year I was in Israel for some of the challenge and I will be back there in April. I know, tough life. thanks for the good vibes.
    @ Nancy- remember our marathon Ichats?


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