Crossroads 55/365 Slice #4

I’m coming to a crossroads. I’m not there quite yet, but I’m feeling that something’s comin’.  On American Idol of all places, one of the girl contestants took the song Change is Comin‘( ?) to a new place and as she sang I traveled with her.  It’s just a show to us, but I felt her passion and tapped into my own wonder about the future.

I’m remembering Olive Kitteridge, one of the novels I devoured in Aruba and images are still with me, images of her slow ahhahs as she comes into her older self, first physically and then much slower, into her mental aging….

I’m there, Tuvia is way ahead of me…and I wonder about tomorrow…. I wonder how I can stay relevant in a world that speeding along, catching up to me…moving beyond…am I moving fast enough?

So I’m at a crossroads. Do I need a new job?

I just got back from Aruba where are pace was slow as its designed to be, and I was happy to slow down embracing the heat, the sandals, the new drinks at the bar to taste, but we are back in our winter clothes and I just began a new class in documentary film making and I am not on firm ground and that is good. Really good!

So maybe it’s always just keeping myself a bit unbalanced that will save me from stagnation.  Performing with my Flamenco guitar group? Speaking Hebrew? Maybe folding in an online camera class?  The list keeps growing… maybe that’s the way to stay in the game..

My wondering  continues…

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7 thoughts on “Crossroads 55/365 Slice #4

  1. Always the next mountain to climb for someone of diverse interests. XD

  2. Travel can sometimes leave us questioning our everyday norms. Perhaps once you get back to the ebb and flow of life in New York, you won’t be wondering about what’s next.

  3. Yes, mountains to climb. Stacey, I’m not sure it’s just transitioning this time. But we will see and you will know.
    PS. Loving the Month of Slicing!

  4. Lisa

    I am feeling much the same. I still have my career going strong, so I am looking for ways to keep it interesting, keep myself up to date and moving forward. I am thinking of a master’s degree, or maybe just some courses. I am SURE it’s the way to stay in the game. My grandma started beginner piano lessons at age 66 when she retired. She is my role model! 🙂

    I am with you Lisa. Lots of challenges moving with me and still I’m wondering what’s next! Keeps the juices flowing!

  5. jen

    Loved this… it met me where I am today. Thank you…

  6. I think you have the best of both worlds– a fun, challenging job and room for your own personal learning. Sounds like the “unbalancing” is keeping you balanced…

  7. Change, I hear a lot about it these days. I’m feeling it too, must be in the stars.

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