Stripes: 56/365 Slice #5 #ds109

Striped patterns have a natural pattern that catches the eye. Find some stripes today and make a photo. #ds109
Morning Slicers, Bloggers and Shooters,
I am writing into the day with time to breathe and a bit more energy.  My summer clothes are all washed and put away for now, and after a hectic Thursday, I’m ready for a day at Apple for some learning and then a return to gym and the weights that await me and my vacation body.

I wrote my slice yesterday surrounded by our Writing Project ’09 Summer Institute and the energy was infectious, as usual. Even though we didn’t get down to the Hudson, our lunch walk allowed my camera to find stripes everywhere. Good thing I wasn’t still in sandals and shorts.

And as the day ended I couldn’t help but wonder if we would be continuing as a writing project now that Arne Duncan is out to chop us down. Imagine, our greatest threat to authentic teacher PD and our National Writing Project network is coming from the administration that is attempting serious educational reform.
Are they reading the latest work of Diane Ravitch?
Okay, I need to stay positive and smiling…
Weekend is coming….
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7 thoughts on “Stripes: 56/365 Slice #5 #ds109

  1. Lovely photo. It’s discouraging when politicians don’t understand education but they are put in charge of changing it. We are experiencing that here in Quebec and it is disheartening.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes, it’s tough to be hopeful and then hit the wall.

  3. I have a feeling that Ravitch’s voice will be heard. She is a pretty big big-shot with regard to education. Between The NY Times and the Huffington Post piece, someone’s got to start listening… I hope.

  4. Wanda Brown

    Our job looks simplistic to other professions until they try it. Many parents have shared with me they had no idea what my job entailed until they volunteered in my room. They still have no idea because they don’t see what I do after hours, weekends, and over vacations.

    Arnie Duncan has been a great disappointment for me. I am not sure the “big city people” will ever understand our little “country” kids.

  5. @ I hope you are right Stacey. Great article with important facts.
    @ Wanda, I totally agree. Arne Duncan is not an educator.

  6. I like that you noticed the stripes in the road! I’m not sure I would’ve seen the pattern if I were walking down it.

    I think we have to be careful with this current debate in education and make sure our sources cover the spectrum, since there are many sides to the story and some sources are only showing one side, or leaving out crucial details.

  7. whoa, powerful picture here. It seems like the people are being moved around on their own striped conveyors.

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