Waiting: 58/365 Day 7 for SOLC & #ds112

Sunday Challenge: Make a photo of a sunrise or sunset today. #ds112

I’m up early. No reason. I’d rather be sleeping but what can you do? I’m up so why not be productive.  I’ve been reading and commenting on Slices, writing in my online journal, reading and answering email, just clicking around the web.  And I’m waiting for the light so I can meet the Daily Shoot’s challenge.  All these life challenges keep me focused and engaged.

Ah, the guilt, but probably the most exciting challenge and the guilt that comes with it, made me smile last night.  I’ve been home from Aruba since late Tuesday night.(Seems like the vacation happened a month ago now that the real world has officially and totally flooded in).

Anyway, it’s been a slow transition back to the energy of real life. In other words, it’s taken a few days to get my mojo back. I just couldn’t get to guitar class on Thursday night and I couldn’t pick up my guitar until Friday night and it was not pretty, but I stayed with it and my fingers started feeling comfortable on the strings and frets.  But last night was AMAZING!  I was playing with a sound I’ve never heard come from me… I was loud and clear.  I was not without mistakes but overall, wow.

I wonder if my ride up the New Paltz had anything to do with it.  Early on, as I drove, a guitar piece began to play on my Ipod( I always keep the pod in song shuffle mode to keep the surprises coming.) Anyway, the piece played by Jason Vieaux,   a young classical guitarist I love, took on  Suite Espanola Op 27 #8 Cuba by Albeniz.  I listened to it over and over again on my hour-ride up to New Paltz and as soon as I could,  I sent off an email to my guitar teacher to find out what he thought about my taking it on.  Of course I have lots of challenges and it makes my teacher crazy when I want to add yet another tough one into the mix.  But I am sure he won’t say no.  He gets passion.

So I’m still waiting for the sun so I can finish this Slice and try for a bit more sleep to ensure that this day will be a great one.  The weather should be glorious- almost spring.

Update: I missed it! So I included a stand in for now…

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7 thoughts on “Waiting: 58/365 Day 7 for SOLC & #ds112

  1. I love what you wrote about that guitar piece and the sound, something new.
    Being such a beginner drummer, I cannot imagine asking my teacher to add anything difficult but I do hear rhythms on songs that I want so badly to be able to play – I just need to pace myself so as to avoid too much frustration.

  2. Great photo, no matter what day it was! Hurray for the new musicians! Sounds like a complicated piece. I love classical guitar, though.

  3. Lisa

    Great photo!

    I love the surprises that iPod shuffle brings to my life as well. 🙂

  4. Great picture. Is that a view from your complex?

  5. Your photo makes my soul feel peace. Selfishly, I’m a bit glad you missed the sunrise shot so I could see this instead. 🙂 I enjoyed reading about your guitar playing. My daughter Hannah wants so badly to begin lessons. I think she will soon.
    Happy writing, Ruth

  6. @ Thanks Juliann. Good luck with the drums. I’ve been at this for a decade and I feel like I just started but my teacher has been with me almost from the start and he is used to having me live a long time with my pieces. A LONG TIME!
    @ Nancy- hard to believe this was taken just last week…in Aruba!
    @ Ruth music and photos- great combination and thanks so much!
    @ Shuffle- bring it on Lisa
    @ Mary Alice- good thing it was too late when I realized that classical guitar was the most difficult guitar I could take on at 50.

    I loved writing this piece! Slicing in March- is there anything more fun?

  7. Gorgeous photo! I love the monochrome colour palette.

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