And the Winner Is…:59/365 SOLC#8 & #ds113

Take care of the Monday blues by picking up your camera. Make a photograph dominated by the color blue. #ds113

Movies: I’ve been addicted my whole life ADDICTED to the dark theater, the big screen, the bowls of popcorn, the actors, the environments, the editing, the screen plays, the music, the directors.  I dreamed about staring  in them, directing them and it was logical and wonderful to get to teach electives about them, even once  hosting William Hurt on a rare visit he made to my class.

So for me,  watching the Oscars is an annual, religious ritual and because I’m with a man who loves movies almost as much as I do, we get to see most of movies that are nominated and even more that should be.  And to think, that I almost didn’t get to see the OSCARS this year.  Channel ABC and Cablevision held us all hostage as they negotiated their contract and used us. ABC walked away from Cablevision at midnight. What timing! The pressure was on CV and we were tortured. At least I was…

Now that doesn’t mean that everyone would miss the Oscars. Only those who subscribed to ABC via Cablevision. So my sister-in-law In Ellenville with Time Warner would be watching and People with Verizon would be watching, and others who subscribed to Direct TV would also be watching.

Me, I was screwed.

In the hour before, I was teased with some Red Carpet online streaming just before the ceremony began, but Tuvia, who doesn’t really  care about the Oscars, does care about me and pushed me to get back into clothes and head down to town to find a restaurant or bar that might be showing the Oscars with  something other than Cablevision.  At first I refused, but Tuvia doesn’t often take no for an answer and in 10 minutes we were out of the house, in the car, parked in Nyack and walking Main Street moving toward the Black Bear Bar and as we looked in,  on every TV screen- 8 maybe, we were watching the opening of the OSCARS.

Saved! We celebrated in logical style. Just one vodka cranberry for me and a bud light for him.

And as we settled in, a ticker tape began to move across the bottom of  Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin’s opening monologue,  announcing that the dispute between the corporate giants who had created the problem was suddenly coming to a resolution.  Pressure worked,  Cablevision caved in and instantly ABC was back on every CV TV.   I called my movie buddy Hilda who feeling the frustration of the online streaming, raced to her tv, clicked to channel 7 and described was I was watching at the Black Bear.

We smiled. Tuvia paid the bill,  and in 10 minutes we were back home on the couch snuggling to the OSCARS in the comfort of my living room.

So what can I say- BOO to the powers that be and YAYYY to  my good luck to have a man who is miserable when I am miserable and will do everything he can to make us both happy again.

What a night!

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20 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…:59/365 SOLC#8 & #ds113

  1. Tracey

    Were you surprised by any of the awards?

  2. Hi Tracey,
    I thought it was great that Kathryn Bigalow won for director and the movie took it as well, although Precious was my favorite film for the year. I loved the way that introduced the best Actor/actress and Barbara S. announced best director. Classy show, I thought.
    What about you?

  3. interesting adventure you had. I love movies but I don’t watch the Oscars.

  4. Wanda Brown

    Wow…I saw everything you wrote and although I can or cannot watch the Oscars there are other things televised that I am that passionate about, like pre-electlion night!
    Great description and you held me all the way through it!

  5. Thanks Wanda! and PP I totally respect that. I was up for the WHOLE thing and feeling good that I could be home and relaxed.

  6. I was so excited that Sandra Bullock won! I had just seen The Blind Side the night before and was moved by the movie. It was nice to see the actual family in the audience. Good for Sandra!


  7. Tuvia is a wonderful husband! I am glad that you got to watch in the comfort of your home.

    Agreed Kim!

  8. I love the whole glamour of awards shows and your husband is awesome to push you out the door to track down some Oscar action!!

  9. @ Kortney, I totally agree with everything! Good man, good night!

  10. Tracey

    Hi Bonnie,

    My family watches the show every year, too. I was happy that Kathryn Bigalow won, and I thought Sandra Bullock acquitted herself very nicely. I love the shorts, both animated and live action, and I was able to see all the nominees in that category this year. It was a fun evening.

    Glad you got to see it,


  11. Lisa

    I thought Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were fabulous!

  12. Bonnie, that photo is awesome. How did you do it? Did you shoot the TV screen?

  13. @ T-Dawg,
    I was reading your piece just as you were reading mine. How cool is that?
    I was up late. Tuvia was sleeping soundly and the bedroom was dark.
    I started writing my Oscar slice without a photo and then I grabbed my camera as the Oscars came into the climatic moments of best actor… I started shooting like crazy and got a few very clear and clean shots. Of course I had to move out of the bedroom. What a burst of energy at midnight. Good thing I didn’t have to get to work. Guitar Lesson at 11.
    I was shooting like crazy and this one was the coolest. Glad you like it.

    @ Lisa- LOVED them too!
    @Tracey, I’m on your wavelength

  14. I’m so glad it got resolved. My friend Rachel is just as big of an Oscar fan (she says it’s her Super Bowl), so I was delighted that they came to a resolution!

  15. Yes that’s a good- my Super Bowl too!

  16. Mrs. B

    Great picture! I loved how you captured the intensity of having to switch locations all because of the big corporate people and their silly politics! Glad you were able to watch from the comfort of your home!

  17. The whole ABC/Cablevision battle seemed so choreographed to me. It’s so unfair for them to play with their viewers that way.

    I was still on the train on the way home last night, so didn’t watch (and don’t have TV, so wouldn’t have been watching anyway, I guess), but I was so glad Jeff Bridges won. I really loved his performance in Crazy Heart.

  18. @ Mrs B & Stacie, I totally agree. The timing couldn’t have been better for ABC to make 3 million potential viewers mad enough that they would call. Too bad we can’t get teachers to get moving to their phones or take to the streets to get some educational reform that makes sense.

  19. I love movies, but I can’t do the Oscars, they frustrate me. Mostly because the movies I like, and the actors/actresses I think did the best never seem to win 🙂

  20. It’s just fun!

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