Symmetry: 60/365 Slice #9 #ds114

Most of us enjoy some symmetry in our lives. Look around for it today and make a symmetrical photo. (via @melhutch) #ds114

Okay, I just grabbed my camera,walked out onto my porch and captured this shot. Symmetrical enough?

Hmmm…. symmetry in our lives.  I’m not feeling the symmetry. I wonder,  how does symmetry figure in your life?

I think it was easier  to feel life’s symmetry when I was working full time and I had a clear routine that offered me structure.  Every morning I was up at 6:15 or earlier, clothes were out and ready. Shower, breakfast, bags by the door, out and riding by 7, or earlier. And the apartment I left behind was always neat and ordered to meet me with a smile when I returned again walking slower by the end of the day.

Symmetrical? Hmmm.. A better question, do I want there to be symmetry?

Sure, we all need some balance.  I live in two different homes. Some days I’m here, in my space, some days, I’m home at Tuvia’s. It’s unusual, but it does work for us. I pack my bags, carry everything in one load to my car, fill the trunk, drive about 20 minutes, unload the trunk with bags filled with clothes( of course) and more important, my computer, wires and extras, my cameras, Kindle…guitar and music. Then, when it’s time to return I pack up and drive and unpack and do the needed laundry.

Of course when it’s Tuvia’s turn to come here, the process is much less complicated- everything he needs fits in his never-used attache case- a pair of socks, a clean shirt, underwear.

Symmetry in life- balance, structure.

If it’s Tuesday I wake up here, in my space and he comes to join me later in the day… if it’s…Wednesday….if it’s Thursday…

Probably seems insane, but it has been working for us.

And within the symmetry, there’s flexibility, depending on what’s happening for us in any particular week that upsets the symmetry.

Hang on, as I think about it, I think I spend more time fighting symmetry.  I embrace the imbalance of life.  I love earrings that don’t seem to match, I love the element of surprise, I love the unknown…the risk…

I guess it’s good to have some of both…structure and then breaking it up… often!  I think that variety is the only way to avoid boredom.

And you can find lots of great Slices of Life over at the Two Writing Teachers.

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9 thoughts on “Symmetry: 60/365 Slice #9 #ds114

  1. I just guessing that there is symmetry in the feelings as you approach each other– no matter whose day, whose place, whose bag, whose car. There is symmetry in all of it. Like your picture, not mirror image… but close enough.

  2. I agree on that. It’s all in the definitions.

  3. Lisa

    Some day I hope to travel as lightly as Tuvia. Now is not that time!

  4. I agree, a little structure is a good thing. I find I must impose structure on myself during the summer. I come up with a list of five things to accomplish each day. The list keeps me from sinking into the couch with the crossword for three or four hours at a time.

  5. @ Lisa- that’s almost how he travels on trips. I will still go with my overstuffed bags.
    @Mary, I remember summers freaking me out until I started imposing order on my time like you.

  6. Bonnie —
    Thanks for this:
    “I think I spend more time fighting symmetry. I embrace the imbalance of life. I love earrings that don’t seem to match, I love the element of surprise, I love the unknown…the risk…”

    I love all of these things too (even earrings that don’t quite match) and sometimes I feel like I’m fighting for these loves to “be okay.” In my quest for balance, I’m finding it is more abut accepting the imbalance of it all.

    Your Slice will resonate with me long after I close my computer screen. Thanks for that too,

  7. I enjoyed how you deftly wove something I think of as mathematical–symmetry–into the facets of your life and relationship. Smooth writing!

  8. I think the fact that you try two sides of things is proof of your symmetrical life. Purely, it should have a mirror image but, I think you get close with rotation or flipping:)

  9. Maybe I’m just off-balance myself, but I see symmetry in your ‘asymmetrical’ routine — it’s the give and take that balances your relationship with Tuvia. It keeps the two of you running smoothly together, and what better symmetry is there than that?

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